About Us

E&P Technologies is an American company located in Carmel, Indiana.  The Fingerprint Padlock of EPLock has the US Patent No.8353187.  It used the Fingerprint Patterns with the biometric technology applied to Padlock, Safe Box and Cabinet Locker. 

EPLock, a fingerprint lock allows for the keyless access. 

Imagine you can now with the swipe of your finger open your lock, safe box or cabinet. Store up to 150 different finger identifications for your lock. It can not only use the finger to open the padlock, safe box or cabinet lock, it also will work for the combination codes. You just set up the fingerprint with the device as a fingerprint identification, and then use the same finger to open the lock when need at the any time and any place. Gym lockers, school lockers will no longer require you to carry a key. Gun cabinets will be safe from children. Liquor cabinets will be safe from teenage children and their friends. Store documents and small valuables so that only you can access them. Sheds and out buildings can be secured and unlock with just your finger. Safe box can be store inconspicuously on a bookshelf. 

+ Install up to 150 fingerprint number 

+ Operation via fingerprint or combination code 

+ 3 color LED indication with the operation 

+ 3 button execution operated the system and input code 

+ Lower battery indicate with red flashing LED light 

+ Change battery without loosing fingerprint input Using finger, open padlock, safety box and build-in lock without key.